Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It´s a cool, cool summer (Part 4)

Today the local newspapers had major news: ´Finally Summer has arrived!´- which meant that we would have no rain, a glorious sun (most of the time) and around 20oC. That´s why we finally had breakfast in the nice garden of our house. We then decided to go to the city of Malmö, which is less than half an hour from Lund.
We didn´t know what to expect from the city, so we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in a city rather big (third biggest in Sweden), with beautiful buidings, a historic centre, pedestrian streets full of life and shoppers, parks and museums, lots of new constructions including an unfinished city tunnel (a long underground tunnel for trains and cars). Plus a regenerated harbour (a Swedish version of the Docklands of London) around a new city landmark, the ´twisted torso´building (apartments and offices) by Santiago Calatrava.
A word of advice to Malmö visitors: do buy the ´Malmö card´. For only about 18 euros we had free parking, free public transport, a 90 minute guided tour by bus and free or discounted entrance to museums and activities, for two days! In fact we plan to go to Malmö tomorrow, too, as we feel we didn´t manage to see all the city has to offer. Let´s hope that the weather will continue to be on our side.
Ah, we forgot to tell you about yesterday evening: we went for dinner to a picturesque village by the sea, called ´Skanör´. A lovely place, with postcard houses - and equally lovely is its twin village ´Falsterbo´. We should add a few words here about some nice dinners we had so far. First at the Handelsbaren restaurant in Åhus. Lovely setting, and the food wasn´t bad either. Then in Skanör the Skanörs Gästgifvaregård which was the most expensive but also the most exciting as far as tastes (and sizes!) are concerned. And finally (at least so far) the Salt & Brygga in the Malmö new harbour area with a view of the Öresund bridge, friendly owner and staff and selected organic ingredients in all the dishes.
Well, we can´t wait until tomorrow... will it be as good as today? We hope so! Stay tuned for details!


annabooklover said...

We are tuned!

Anonymous said...

Μαράκι, Στάθη καταπληκτικές φωτογραφίες!