Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's a cool, cool summer! (Part 6)

This morning we said goodbye to the hospitable place of our home exchange partners and crossed again the Øresund bridge (see Part 1) on our way to Copenhagen.
We had booked a room at the Hilton Hotel at the airport. This will be convenient on Sunday as we fly in the morning and don’t really want to have to wake up early to travel to the airport. And it’s very easy to get to the city centre as the trains are frequent and fast.

We are fortunate enough to have a sunny weather so we go for a walking tour of the city (and a bit of shopping and window-shopping). Maria was here rather recently so she acts as a guide for Stathis who was last here seventeen years ago!

A reminder of the social character of the country: in the main square there are two 5X5 soccer fields as the World Cup for the Homeless is organized (and sponsored by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Denmark).

We returned to the hotel for a late afternoon siesta and to prepare for the night:
First we went to the Absolut Icebar. This is a bar (obviously sponsored by the Absolut Vodka company) where everything is made of ice! This includes the glasses, the tables, the seats – everything! They serve Absolut cocktails of course. The temperature is -5o C so one cannot stay for long and has to wear the clothes provided by the bar (including gloves and boots). Unfortunately the camera’s batteries died just before entering the bar so we only have a photo of poor quality of Maria getting dressed. (We did take a few pictures inside using the mobile phone but we cann’t upload it it just now-we’ll do it once we return to Athens).

Next we had dinner at the Custom House restaurant, a new and lively place by T.Conran. Following that we had a night stroll at Nyhavn, a place that resembled a lot a Mediterranean harbour filled with restaurants and people sitting in the open air. Are we really in the cold North? we wonder. As we often say to each other, appearances can be deceiving…

And another thing: if you want to listen to 'our' soundtrack of this year's vacation press here.

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Αυτές οι μπαταρίες έχουν την τάση να χαλάνε την καλύτερη στιγμή!
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