Thursday, August 02, 2007

It´s a cool, cool summer (Part 5)

So... was it a summer day today? It started as one! And off we go to Malmö again! We feel energized and ready for some physical activity, so we decide to rent a river bike and see the Malmö canals.

Then we thought we ought to do our duty as tourists and visit some, at least, of the city museums (besides, we had free entrance with the Malmö card - see part 4). We found ourselves first in the technical museum where Stathis was fascinated by the old trams and trains and Maria by an old BMW tricycle (about 250cc and entrance from the front of the car!).

We both felt claustrophobic in an old U3 (WWII era) submarine and later got excited by the technical experiments that explained physics and science in general to kids (or ill educated adults like ourselves).

We had to eat, too, so we paused our museum visits to refuel: oddly enough, we decided to eat Greek. We noticed a modern Greek restaurant (not touristic at all, with a rich and not expensive lunch buffet and even an original name: Greekway). And the food wasn´t bad, either...

Next we went to the Malmöhus, or the Malmö Castle. This is a 16th century fortress, now home to a diverse museum with an aquarium, local folklore, art and various exhibitions. We thought the outside deserved a photo.

The day´s programme included also a live jazz concert. We listened to a Swedish trio (called Musicmusicmusic) in a beautiful setting in the old city - but our summer weather was over: like the rest of the audience we enjoyed a wet concert...

Tomorrow: Copenhagen!

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