Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to the roots...

Together with Stathis' cousin and his wife (Agis and Christina) we went to visit the village of their grandfather, an almost deserted (except for a couple of families) village in the mountainous area of Achaia, near the town of Kalavryta. There is no asphalt road to the village so we had rented a 4WD vehicle.

It was the second visit (after more than a decade) for Stathis and the first for Maria.

The view of the church under a rock (resembling the famous rocks of Meteora) is indeed breathtaking.

Other photos in this post depict the old school and a view of the village in old times (probably the early 20th century).

You will also see Stathis and his cousin in front of a commemorative plaque, honouring the fighters of a battle between the local resistance during WWII. The fighters were led (as inscribed in the plaque) by the brother of our grandfather, a prominent figure of the resistance and air force officer.

The village is near another Meteora-like sight, the monastery of Makellaria (see it and read about it in English here and in Greek here).