Friday, February 09, 2007


It's been quite some time since we last updated our blog, so I guess this means we've been busy... or lazy ...or away! So, for our friends that keep asking (huh?) here's a recap of our latest news:
-We spent Christmas in Berlin with Maria's extended family (parents, brother+wife+kids). It was cold but not too much and we had a very good time. Highlight of our visit: Potsdam (not to be missed when in the area). In the photo Maria is standing in front of a house in the 'Russian neighbourhood'.

-Stathis is still busy with work and on weekends studying for his MSc. Maria is also busy at work but on weekends she tries new outfits or new recipes!
-We did spend a weekend in London in January, taking advantage of a business trip Stathis made. We returned with the 5th DVD series of '24 (Twenty-Four)' and we are looking forward to viewing it!
-We plan to visit Paris in May and Denmark and/or Sweden in July. Any suggestions?
That's it for now! Keep visiting our virtual or our bricks and mortar homes!