Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It´s a cool, cool summer (Part 3)

Today we decided to blend with the locals and take the bikes. We went all the way to the city centre by bike - it took us about an hour or so. Then we did some more sightseeing, as you can see from the photos (the white building is the University). We also visited the King´s house, the Botanical Gardens and the Market Hall.

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annabooklover said...

This is fantastic blogging from the spot. Don't you love it, that you can write your impressions as they happen?

Κατά τα άλλα, βλέπω μια χαρά περνάτε με τα ποδηλατάκια και τα fleece.

Α, ναι, αλλάξτε και το λινκ του αγκαβαζο βρε!