Monday, July 30, 2007

It´s a cool, cool summer (Part 2)

This is our first day in Lund. A compact and picturesque city. We leave the car at a parking (cost about 2 euros an hour) take a stroll in the streets, doing some sightseeing and shopping. The weather could be better (it´s raining on and off) and this discourages us from taking the bikes instead of the car. We eat italian (a lunch buffet with unlimited pasta, pizza and salad costs about 8,5 euros - not bad for Scandinavian cost standards!). The main sight in the city is the romanesque Cathedral. Opposite that, one can find a very helpful tourist office. And here´s proof that we are actually here!

In the evening we went for a couple of beers in the city centre (a place buzzing with life, called Stortorget). The weather was OK for Swedish summer standards so most of the clients were sitting outside, in the bar´s terrace, still some had to use the blankets available! In the night time picture you can see Maria in front of the City Hall, next to the Stortorget.

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