Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's a cool, cool summer! (Part 1)

'How do you cope with such a hot summer in Greece?' friends from abroad asked us this year... They had heard in the news that temperatues in Greece exceeded 45o C, hence the question.
Well, the answer was pretty simple and straightforward: '...we leave for cooler climates.'
And so we find ourselves in Sweden... In fact in Denmark as we fly from Athens to Copenhagen. However, the Danish capital is not our final destination:

We take the train, cross the Oresund bridge and in less than half an hour we are in the Swedish city of Lund where our home exchange partners live.

The change of temperature was indeed dramatic! Almost half the temperature of Athens! And the sky couldn't decide whether it should stay dry or start raining...

The house was very pretty and Scandinavian: detached, with a tile roof, a lovely garden and in a quiet neighbourhood. Our exchange partners were kind enough to leave us a Swedish pie, with broccoli, mushrooms and walnuts, that took care of our hunger!
We spent the night there and left the next morning for the city of Åhus about one hour drive away.

We stayed in a hotel which is by the beach and very popular with the locals. Indeed the beach was long and sandy, but only a few people were courageous enough to enter the sea (which had a grey black colour, nothing like the Greek blue).
Ah, and by the way: Åhus is the home of the famous Absolut vodka. (to be continued...)

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annabooklover said...

Κι εμείς χθες πίναμε βότκα στη βεράντα. Την καινούρια της Absolut, μάλιστα τη Level.
Α, ρε Σουηδία τί πράγματα βγάζεις!