Monday, September 27, 2004

Summer 2004: Northern Exposure (4th part).-

One more city/country to visit in this trip: Estonia. Just 1,5 hour by boat across the gulf from Helsinki and we found ourselves in the beautiful medieval and fortified capital city of Tallinn. We were rather surprised to see that the city was not too big; it was picturesque, with beautiful and colorful buildings and full of restaurants, cafes and tourists. Sort of a smaller version of Prague. This came as a surprise as Estonia is virtually unknown in Greece and it's a shame. By the way, although Estonia was part of the former Soviet Union, one can hardly notice it, as both the lifestyle and everything else (such as signs for example) have nothing Russian about them. (Well, if one notices some details such as the sewer taps one can see that they are made in Russia and bear Russian letters on them)..

Returning from our trip to the North, we only stayed for a day in Athens, heading this time southeast, to Rhodes. We spent a couple of weeks there enjoying the sun and the sea and seeing (Maria's) family and friends. We even went on a 24-hour trip to the island of Nisyros (quite pretty and reminiscent of the Cyclades, despite being part of the Dodecanese complex of islands. It even reminded us of Iceland -see our 2003 summer vacation description- as we visited the island volcano's crater, to see again the earth boiling and releasing steam and ...ugly smells!)

Finally we returned to the (Olympic!) city of Athens, to get a taste of the Olympic metamorphosis of the city and watch a few sport events, too.

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